Lien Resolution

As Expert Bill Review Auditors, IMS is uniquely positioned to expedite your Lien Resolution needs.  Our Highly Trained Team can quickly and efficiently review the entire Claim History; separating and negotiating on Outstanding Bills to close Lien Resolutions faster with Greater Savings.

Shorter Lien Resolution Times with Lower Closing Costs

Fully understanding the Claim and Payment Allowances per Service Provider allows IMS to efficiently and effectively communicate and negotiate on all Outstanding Bills.  Going hand in hand with Medical Bill Review; our Specialized Experts review and negotiate payment on Outstanding Bills to minimize Claims Costs on a bill by bill bases.  Our teams knowledge of Medical Billing allows for clear, concise communication with Service Providers, resulting in shorter Claim Life and decreased Medical Costs.


IMS’ Lien Resolution Team offers:

• Expert Claim Review

• Specialized Outstanding Bill Negotiation

• Reduced Claim Costs

• Shorter Claim Life

• Sophisticated Lien Resolution Reports


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